abstract poetry

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Have you ever been so scared that you looked deep into your past and saw the things which couldn’t last as reality slips your grasp.
Dear Mama, What makes a monster a monster? Is it the piercing horns that protrude from each side of its head? Or the fierce teeth that growl to deliver freight?
How blind are you? Somewhere in russia? So let the humming bird sing, if not, then... Existence is no more than a flaw in the perferction of non-existence.
Imbecile. That’s what they call me. It’s not my fault I’m occasionally late And stubborn And forgetful.
I sleep under the stars between the troposphere and stratosphere the clouds are not condensation  they are warmth and home  and I believe in them, fairy cake and hot cocoa  saccharine illusion 
                       I'm easy to love, but easier to hate. Sweeter than heaven and hotter than hell.
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