Money Washed

You cant see me now. But eventually you will.
I only have a couple years here.
Lurking alone in the shadows on a mission not to make it.
I only want to be happy. Why should my way of living have to show value in by obtaining this illusion of money.
Created by man for us to be enslaved my man.
We all believe cant be happy and broke. But what exactly is so rich about alot of money?
Backs have been ripped through by the lashes of a money hungry overseer.
Homes have been repossessed by banks that collect thier money and pay no attention to the need of humans. Basic need are ignored and used as an incentive to profit
just to survive.
We value money so much killing becomes justified and stealing is a high drive and greed is the number one depressant in the world.
I want a life with no money. Picture that. Pretty funny.
Doing something you love to do with having to think about how much an employer is willing to do.
A job is simply putting a price on living.
You can be stuck doing something for nothing. Because even if my bank account is packed. If im miserable id rather give it all back. Just so I can sit back with my notebook and pen and nonchalantly relax.
I can see that, envision that, change that.
Its starts with one mind to think a thought to change a world that hatred taught and happiness is money bought.
I want a rich life replacing coins and dollars with laughter and adventure.
Do both? Thats what you said? Too bad chasing the money will probably have you dead.
The richest man in the world lives secured and worried.
A distant stranger looks to accumulate his great wealth.
Guarding his riches like the lions guard the den.
Waiting for that paycheck so you cant wait for this week to end.
Life is passing you by. But when you're dead and gone money never dies.


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