Money, Money, Money

Tue, 07/29/2014 - 16:41 -- rsims91


Money, money, money

For the nourishing food we eat

Along with a refreshing drink

And the occasional sweet treat

Or the gulp that makes the breath stink

Money, money, money

For the house that becomes a home

With the garage filled with a car

The landscape guarded by the gnome

And the beautiful view from afar

Money, money, money

For each season to have its own clothes

And their own footwear too

So that we can have comfortable toes

And a fabulous hairdo

Money, money, money

For when it’s time to see the doc

Due to feeling a little bad

Or making sure health is on lock

And now it’s time to be glad

Money, money, money

For the expansion of our minds

The first step to getting a career

Is education of all kinds

 And take care of those we hold dear

Money, money, money

Takes control of all things

It keeps us all alive

While some live like kings

Others barely survive

Money, money, money

Takes over the food

Some can have their turkey carved

They are in good mood

While there are others that starved

Money, money, money

Controls each and every home

While some live in a big house

Others have the streets to roam

And neighbors with a field mouse

Money, money, money

Tells us what we can wear

Some have only things with fancy names

While some don’t have a pair

That matches or even fit their frames

Money, money, money

Has control over all the meds

Some can get it without a strain

And quick to get hospital beds

While others are stuck with the pain

Money, money, money

Says which degree that we can earn

We can go as far as a Ph.D

There is financial aid to burn

But how long before we can be debt free

Money, money, money

The controller of life

Without it we would not be alive

It also causes strife

We need it in order to survive

Money, money, money

Has a lot of value

We have the same needs that we can agree

But is this what is true

That we can not help each other for free?

Money, money, money


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