From the moment I walked in those doors all you people have seen are the price tags on my clothes.

You don't see the person wearing them.

You see a socio-economic standing and a little white girl whom you assume has gotten everything handed to her.

Well you are wrong.

I know what it means to put in a hard day's work.

I know how it feels to have your body start giving out on you because you pushed it too far in the hopes of buying food.

I know what it is like to serve customers who think you are stupid just because you work in a restaurant.

And I know what it feels like to want more. 

My parents both work very hard to have what they have and to give my brother and I a life better than what they had.

I am not selfish, conceded, or a snob.

I am a child of the middle class.

I am a hard working student who earned every penny that bought the MacBook I am typing this on.

And I...

I am tired.

Tried of explaining myself and my choices to others who are too narrow-minded to understand what I am dealing with.

Tired of fighting for a freedom that I never had, freedom from discrimination due to how I dress or the color of my skin.

Tired of applyinf time after time for grants and loans so i can afford my education just to be shut down because my parents make too much money.

Well here's a thought: I wouldn't be applying if my parents could spend tens of thousands each year to pay my tuition.

I'm tired of the credit checks and the polite "Declined" messages sent to my home and email.

I'm tired.

And there is only one reason for it.

Our world is sick.

We are infected with a terminal virus called greed.

We refuse to seek help because there is no cure. 

I want a cure. 

I need to find a cure.

Money governs our lives like the banks govern our money.

When will this madness end?

I don't think it can.


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