Monachopsis: the reason the waves crash so precariously


I should be sleeping,

But you find me here

up and writing

keys clicking

space bar tapping

anxious but calm

intervals of still and shaking

reading my thoughts aloud

my voice a tone that no longer suits me

what am I

who am I

normal kids worry about school work

I'm wondering If I am an alien


Sent here

I must've been sent here

an experiment gone wrong

how many days has it been


How long will I last in this stimulation

I wasn't meant to last this long

They thought I'd give up by now

why haven't I given up by now


what's the code?

there must be something I can say

so they hear that I'm aware


how harsh is my reality?

Is that why I wont wake up

why I can't wake up?

why can't I wake up?



It's late

I should be asleep right now


But from this wayside world awake

is this why bad things are happening

the world didn't think I'd get this far?

Is this improvising?



This poem is about: 
Our world


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