Mon Cher

Mon cher, my dear, the one I hold

The one whose love is always shown

But my arms are weak and yours are strong

And more often than not, I am wrong

So it goes the other way

And often like that it will stay

Because I know within my heart

That I've had a horrible start


You hold me in your gentle arms

And show me all your love

While I sit by idly

Unable to see what I'm capable of

I wish that I could give you all that you deserve

As I know that your love I have not earned

You say that I deserve better, but I know better than that

You are the only person who would love this feral cat


I have been unble to show that my words are true

Every time that I say "I love you"

I know that all I cause is pain

But with you I wish to stay

So won't you keep me in your arms

That we'll never be apart

Because despite my weakness here

You are the one who I hold dear

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