Mommy Won't Go

Sometimes I hear daddy yelling
Then mommy starts to cry
But after that grandma comes
I love going to grandma's
She feeds me, bathes me
And grandpa doesn't yell at me
I don't know why daddy yells at mommy
And then gives her an owee
She tells me it's just a sore
Sometimes it's from her falling
But it always goes away
Except for the big booboo
It's as big as my monster truck
It kind of looks like a triangle
But i didn't do it
My monster truck didn't run her over
Daddy thought she was a shirt
He tried to iron her
But sometimes mommy is blue and black
Those owees go away
They only last a couple of days
Until daddy drinks too many cold ones
Mommy says they're bad for him
Daddy doesn't care
He says " let a man be a man, woman"
& then mommy face turns green
Then it's blue and purple
But mommy has a magic paint brush
It makes the spots go away
She takes a long time in the bathroom
When she's done she always smile
Even if she has a sad face
When she cries I say
"I love you, mommy
Daddy didn't mean too
But today I hit my friend Savannah
And it's ok because daddy hits mommy
I told her I was sowry
And she said it's ok 
But mommy says don't hit girls
Daddy says girls are weak
I don't know who's right
Maybe mommy needs to tell daddy
She loves him more
Maybe he will STOP
I want to stay home tonight
I want mom to feed me
And bathe me
And I want daddy to STOP drinking
Mommy can use her magic paintbrush
And make everything change


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