Mommy i still love youI

Mon, 01/06/2014 - 21:29 -- devyree

Mommy i still love you

I can still smell your cigaret

I still feel the wind on my face 

I still remember your Nirvana cd case

mommy dont be sad 

mommy dont be mad

mommy please dont drive so fast

I still smell your perfume

I still hear you screaming at me from the next room 

I still remember that whiskey cap feeling loose 

mommy wake up its morning already

mommy I promise not to tell daddy 

mommy why do you go out so much lately

I still remember your lonliness

I still feel your sadness 

I still wish you nothing but happiness 

mommy please get better 

mommy whos the guy in the sweater 

Mommy u said you loved daddy forever

I still remember the door slamming 

I still remember screaming 

And i will always remember you leaving

mommy i forgive you 

mommy your sick i know what your going through 

mommy i still love you 

Good bye mommy 



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