Momma We Made It/North


All I do is post stupid comments
And all it does is flow up like vomit
My mind seems to soar like a comet
Praying' for inspiration like Mohammed
My momma said be happy
Give them girls kisses, way sappy
And my music stays trappy 
Don’t comb my hair, tres nappy
And this year’s been somewhat crappy
Better not let my gums go flappy
I hit a dabby and I’m dabbling in doublin' up
Got my work laid out before me, I’m starting up
Walk around town see my neighbors stab me
And the one girl who said she had me. 
I’m not out for revenge
Cuz I have never been a stinge
All I know is that I've been stung
And its left me a little high strung
So after my little song is sung
Wont you show me how to move passed being hung
Out to dry
I have cried
Because of lies
And repeated tries
To reach the skies
I don’t want to be despised
But I’m indisposed
Poised to pose for a picture 
Put poison into a mixture
And after I drank it I kissed her
And all I heard is a whisper
"I can taste it
You’re wasted
Let’s face it
you're basted"
And I’m not really that faded
How can I be equated
To someone who's created
A universe where I’m cremated?
I’ve been nursed into a hearse 
With lines rehearsed 
In the back of a church
That only prays for upheaval.
I swear I’m not evil
Just currently left a bit feeble
Of the mind
On the grind
A light shined
I wouldn’t mind
Cuz my behind
And my forward
Are a little bit northward
And I’m south
I need to open my mouth
And say this out loud:
I’m not that sad
But this man has had
More than he is glad
It’s not just a fad
I’m really a fag
And if you don’t like it
Go to the mountains and hike it
Or if not I’ll go stag
And stagger along 
Pretending I’ve got swagger for long
I’m really that strong
Even without a bong
Or Cheech and Chong 
Now excuse me I’ve got class
And I need to get out fast
But you’ll be the last to know
Where it is that I will go


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