Momma Loves You, She Really Does

Momma Loves You, She Really Does


Forgive me for what I've done
I've always planned for us to have fun
Just know you'll always be in my heart
Although they have tore us apart

Momma loves you, she really does
I've just been through a lot
I'm sorry for the pain I've put you through
I didn't plan for this, oh darling who knew
Just know momma loves you
She really does

Sorry this all went like a buzz
I barely had time to hear you cry
They dared to take you away from my arms
What they didn't know is they caused me harmed

Could of died too soon
But I kept you, when i haven't even bloomed

Wanted you to be with me as I planned our future but sadly it was unseen
I didn't want to stress you out over all my problems
Just wanted a nice life for you
But coming from me?

You would of suffered like me
So I had to give you away
And let you live all happily instead

So sorry I had to leave
But it was the best for you


You were just a baby

I loved you so much it was so hard to see you leave
Every time I think about how you and me could of been

I still stress about all this pain
Thinking if you are in a nice place

Makes me rest in peace
I wish I could of made you happy

Wish I didn't have to leave

But it was fate that had to come through
You were only a newborn
But I was just seventeen


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