A Moment In Time

Mon, 08/08/2016 - 17:53 -- Jordzhi

You weren't just a moment 

or a space In time that I will soon forget

You weren't just a "Fuck it, I'll move on"

You were a waterfall of tears in the backseat of my sister truck

parked at the laundry mat of all places

You were the burning in the back of my throat

and the exhale of thick cloudy smoke

You were my playlist

Music that sang to my soul

Sounds that rocked my core

Every song

Every downbeat

Stuck in my head

You were the smell of your car stuck to my clothes

You were the weight on the other half of the bed

You were the whispers in the dark

You were the claw marks on my back

and the unkept bedsheets

We weren't just a couple

We were a flame burning so bright

It hurt to look at

Never one without the other

We were inspiring

You changed me in a thousand and one ways

With simple things

like memorizing the lines of your body

the naughty look in your eyes

or the shelter of your embrace


You were horrible



We were terrible for eachother

I was a bitch

and you

You are a liar.

That made your leaving easier

By the end of us 

I hated you

I hated my music

I hated the smell of your car stuck to my clothes

It smoothered me at night 

Filled my nose with memories I no longer wanted

But you were still my moment

That froze time

and burned so brightly 

In the vast timeline of my life

That I will never forget.


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