To: Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad, you're who I want to thank.

For being chill enough to deal with the music I crank.

The two of you are more awesome than fireworks at night.

And I just couldn't see myself succeed without you in my life.

Mom and Dad, you're my mentors, I look up to you both

So it's a really good thing, Dad, that you gave up the smoke.

You've helped me gain confidence back when it lacked

and helped me get back on track when my esteem was under attack.

Every time I got it back, in fact,

it grew bigger than it was prior, from a flame to a fire.

Just when I was almost down and out, about to retire

The two of you reminded me of what I'm about and made me grow higher.


Thank you, Dad, for helping me become the athlete I am

 You help me out of a funk and when I'm in a jam

and I know you hate my jam, hip-hop isn't your sweet spot

you even get mad when I beatbox and start steaming like a teapot.

But even though you like country music I can deal

you've bought me all my gloves I can't refuse it, I'm being real

You've picked out a lot of bats as well and that's a fact

I've already said this but thanks for keeping me on track

And being on my back about school more than my backpack

I love you and I can't take that back.


Thank you, Mom, you're the softer of the two

Whenever I got a problem you know I always go to you

and you help me with school too, damn, you're pretty cool

On the sidelines at my games, like my dad just the same

You cheer so loud you make every play seem insane

And when I'm irrational you bring in the reigns

Mom, you're so cheerful it's a sunny day when it rains


Both of you give me love and reassurance

Confidence, a goal, and a good reason to do it

You even push me not to accomplish but to go through it

When I'm angry both you work to subdue it

You continue to push me to fill myself with knowledge

I know you'll continue to push me even through college.

Thank you, I love you.

-Sincerely, Coleman




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My family
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