Fri, 12/23/2016 - 22:08 -- lizann

We fought with more than fists

We kissed with more than lips

We loved with more than hearts

And picked each other apart bit by bit

So much so that when we were done

Nothing was left to destroy or love

8  months without a word to the other

Because you spent most of them with another

I held my tongue for so long it bled

With the idea that in the end you'd prefer me dead

But December came along, and what a fitting day

The day that last year you no longer stayed

I said I was sorry, my thoughts in a hurry

I already bled out from silencing the worry

What was left to lose?

There wasn't anything left of me from which to choose

You answered with forgiveness

And shame of your own 

At this moment, we realized the other had grown

How could I be so stupid, there was still one piece of me

time created new veins that flowed throughout me freely 

Time may have cut me open in those past months

But forged a new soul, able to love

The forgiveness you gave me met with that time

And my new soul decided

That everything will be just fine




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