A Modest Proposal

My ship is setting sail once again

amidst clouds of vikings and popes

and as I'm drifting into the sea of sleep

I begin to lose all hope.


Talk, talk, talk.

Thats all you ever do.

Not one break or project,

just us beginning to snooze.


How can I put this bluntly?

No one cares about ancient art.

Just tell us about dates and battles,

that would be a good place to start.


Then have a do a paper or two,

I would at least understand that.

Just please don't keep talking,

I don't care what they wore for hats.


Oh, you made a powerpoint?

Well congradufuckinglations,

I've been making better ones

since my fourth grade education.


I love your philosophy lectures,

I really, really do.

No, I was kidding, I hate them.

Please, get a clue.


Hopefully you'll see this

and change your boring class,

but today I took my final,

so I'm saying good riddance to your ass.



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