to mock the mental pain

The bottle in my hands

this feeling inmy heart

i've had too fucking much

of this life some call art

as i sit here on my knees

tears pouring down my face

i cry out to the people

who dropped out of the race

was it easy, was it hard

to give up on your life

do you think it'd have gotten better

if you stuck it out that time

maybe things won't ever change

i might always feel this way

i don't know how to go on

i just want to get away

downing ibuprofen

to mock the mental pain

pretending it's alright

pretending i'm okay

they all say i'm crazy

i make up the pain i feel

but how do they know

that what i feel isn't real

nobody understands 

the things i must bear

the feelings in my heart

of betrayal and despair

everyone must leave

and everyone will

cause i am not enough

for the cup they all must fill

crying doens't help

it just makes me feel worse

i try to pretend that

i found something that works

but i guess i'll never know

if it's possible to cope

now, i'm finally letting go

of every ounce of hope.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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