Fri, 07/11/2014 - 21:52 -- Jsummer

why do i have to be different? why do i have to be so vulnerable? I wish people would see me as a reason not a joke. I wish i can see what people see when they meet me. Living in world when the hard-working and the ones that wana be something i pushed to the side. Just see what next girl is gonna be twerking on the wall or fighting some random over a guy that's not gonna provide for them or treat them like they should be. Why is society so two-faced? Im not good enough for this. im not skinny enough to wear that. Okay. when a young innocent girl commits suiside. " She was so young, why did she that? Thats not the answer. You was not saying that when you brought her self-esteem down. I want people around me to understand me. I hate being seen as a joke. Im tired of being misunderstood.

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