The Misunderstanding


United States
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This is not something that I’m used to
Allowing people to see me
Because that’s when I outright get emotionally greedy
A neglected child, who’s offering to feed me
I feel lost and cold, life isn’t too easy
Approaching my adulthood all these thoughts should be beside me
But I can’t count how many times I’ve just wanted to cry out for my mommy
Or better yet my father
Yeah pops, where are ya?
Do you know what you did, the choices you made corrupted the life I live
How I can’t cry out loud because I’m afraid they’ll hear
And they’ll laugh and scream at my pain like you once did
I’m 17 years old and I’ve felt 30 since I was 9
But I’ve got shit to do; my race is on the line
I’m a black female in America; my mistakes will cause mass hysteria
My era already corrupted by babies having babies
But not to worry cause this baby likes ladies
Another thing to worry about, Catholics see me and they pout
But I’ll be okay; I’m going to make it in this hell hole
Even though I’ll have to do so with wet eyes and a red nose


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