Mistakes Made Me


Who could describe me better than myself?

Is it my stay at home mother who keeps me happy and fed?

Or my little brother that drives me crazy?

How bout the best friend that lives miles away?


Not many know all the choices on my life's shelves.

Not many know the life I've lead.

Even to me the past can seem hazy,

but it all adds to this girl today.


Past and future all tie together

when thinking of mistakes I have made.

Some have taught me, and others have brought me

to the place where i can't fade

away into the crowd

though I'm not made to stand out

it's the choices that make me loud.


Where once i could sit in silence and sadness,

now i must speak and sing with spirit.

I've learned too many lessons to sit on the sidlines.

I have stories, and some need to hear it.


So who am i? 

A country girl, a straight A student, and an athlete?

A lover, a fighter, a nerd with a wild streak?

Or maybe a teacher, a friend, an advice giver.

I am all these things. A girl and life liver.



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