missing you


United States
40° 51' 43.8444" N, 73° 53' 9.636" W

i miss the way you smile at me
your smile lits up brighter than the sun than beams on me
i miss the way you rub my head
your hands make my head shinier than the boston celtics td garden home floor
i miss the way you say you love me
that goes without say-there is no definition like that in a dictionary
i miss the way you kiss me
makes me feel mightier than the king of beasts
i miss u when u call me papi
im a man in my own league
i even miss when you get on my nerves
i don't have animosity, love with no atrocity is one of my best serves
no wonder you stand out and better than the rest
missing you means that i appreciate you more than you know
you are the best
once again, you are better than the rest

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