Missing Him

He chose to leave,

never bothering to explain why.

He chose to avoid me,

I'm never going to understand why.

What did I do to deserve such treatment?

I miss my dad, but does he miss me, too?

He says he cares and he'll do anything,

But is what he said still true?

Based on the past, it seems he has lied

And now it's as if his whole life is a lie, too.

He chose to be who he is.

He chose to leave me and my family, too.

How can a father leave?

He's created a new one and spends time with them, not with us.

What kind of father would stand his own four kids up?

I'll never understand him or the choices he makes. 

But what I do understand is that I choose not to hate.

I may say things I dont mean.

It's only because he's made it seem that the world is full of hate.

I miss him so much, oh yes, I do!

But there's nothing in this world that will make him face the truth.

Nothing aat all. Not even you.

This poem is about: 
My family


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