The Missing Cog

As one we are Americans

Individually we shape America

We bleed red

We feel blue

And our white bones break under similar burdens


Time has taught that

Individually we cannot see

How wonderful we are collectively

So we divide ourselves

And subdivide others


Humanity becomes irrelevant

As the squabbling children

Cry, bite, and tear

At the already straining seams

Of our nationality


Arms pinwheeling

As we fall backwards into

Historical bad habits

They cry out surprised

Landing on their fellows


The masses have forgotten

That they all were once

Tired, poor, and hungry

Searching for hope

And found a home here


My heart beats to the drum of defiance

Pumping lifeblood

As my eyes behold national conflicts

That my brain tells me are natural

But I just want to scream


Unbiased observance is the key cog

To the clock of unity


This poem is about: 
My country
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