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Last time we saw you I was six, she was three
You fed us, held us, carried us, made us laugh
We loved you, she loved you, but now you're in the past
Still I can't get over how much closer this family would be

Who are you?
What are you?
When are you?
Where are you?
Why are you missing?
How did you go missinng?
Questions we've wanted to ask forever
We miss you but we don't
We need you but we won't
Admit it that if you were here
This family would be alot better

I feel like you betrayed us, left us alone
Instead of two, there's only one parent in a happy home
Instead of two, there's only one set of tears for our prom and my graduation
You're missing all the good things, the bad things, and your June celebration

Do you think about us and the day you went missing?
Did you grow to forget us, do you think we forgot about you?
And how did she feel when you went missing?
Do you care at all? Is this message getting through?


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