You say that you miss me

Well show it!

Stop being a lil wuss before you blow it

Blow your chance of this being something greater 

Greater than words that the mouth speaks 

But actions that the body potrays

You miss me? That's what you say

Thoe words can drive a girl to her graves

Are you happy?

My mind's blown

I think about you like on & on

Can't get you out of my head

Either I'm confused or loving you is wrong

But I like it

So why fight this

What if this is only the beginning

To something rightious

I might just...tell you how I feel

Only if you're willing to accept that...

Yo- this is real

If you miss me, we should chill

Hangout- let's make it a deal

Should we even try?

I question myself because this may be a lie

I'm sure you ask yourself why


Nothing lasts fprever

But we can get through this weather

Running through the rain

Is better than walking through the pain

I'm not insane

This makes sense

You are my surrounding fence 

Of joy and protection

You are my affection

I'm infected

And this is my effection

You are my ciggarrette

I need my nicotine 

The addictive drug that is tied to my dreams

Who are you? Who is me?

I understand that what I want from you is all but a fantacy

Be the air I breathe

The only one I see

Please dont tell me that my fantasies decieve me

I'm giving you my heart

Are you going to take the key

It's like handing you a house

Are you going to sign the lease

So you miss me?

I miss you TOO!

Wassup with me and you??


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