Miss i thought i Understood

Cause its still a one sided coin for you, its heads you win, tails I lose. Oh its nothing but 50/50, she's not thinkin' bout all that probablitlity, prah- bah- blee. Too smart for that, I doubt she recognizes the trap. Put money on her mind, cause I'd bet on that. She says she'd be dumb if she would fall for me at all. She said she guesses she has, just a little bit, only maybe. Call her close to crazy, but I don't even have her anymore, that was my baby. She yells out "you played me" in Morse code cause we're both to hidden to let the other one know. But its time that I act like I'm grown and I really think I've grown. She told me I haven't, that I was the same from the start. Just like past March, and April, May and June, I was still playing with her heart. I can't make decisions, I said I never would and I can't communicate real well accept myself for being Miss (I thought I )Understood.



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