Mislead Devotion

Back then it wasn't this bad,

But now why must it be this way.

Remember the flowers blooming,

Every time we kissed.

When the sun shined against,

The good and bad times.

The wind clearing our path,

So we may walk without pain.

The way you look in my eyes,

Promising me the end will never come.

Keeping you safe,

Allowing you to be secure.

Showing you everyday,

What you make of me.

The stars twinkling with,

The shallow hammock.

Relaxing as it rocks back and forth,

Keeping in mind we'll never separate.

Now it's too late,

We changed and moved on.

As much as it hurt the destiny,

Of our now broken relationship.

I can't even relieve the depression,

While still fight demons that curse.

What happened? Why?

Everything was perfect,

We were… happy.

Now I cry with every thought,

As the rain pours like a mad storm.

The memories I give you just fly away,

"It's not important any more."

The love that we kept,

That made the garden grow.

It shattered as the garden corrupted,

It isn't a concern to care.

Is this the truth?

Is this the end?

I don't believe it,

No matter how insecure.

Even after the lies and mislead devotion,

All is forgiven... such a mistake without reason.



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