Misunderstood, misconceived.

Judgment by society.

Look to me, what do you see?

Silence unjustifiably.


"Inside the lines, you must color", they say.

Why can't I leave?

"Never think outside of the box,

We fear that you will succeed."


"Cut her fingers and burn her hands.

Sew her mouth shut, so no one understands.

Murder her creativity, destroy it whole.

Show her no sympathy, slaughter her soul."


"Ruin her hopes, her wishes, her dreams.

Throw them away like meaningless things.

Rip her apart and bash in her skull

Until her imagination is null."


Torture! Torture!

Why can't I see?

Where am I?

Who is Me?


I am an inkling of nothingness.

I have no more to transgress.

There are no feelings to express.

There are no gifts to possess.


I am the future, I am now gone.

I have been tortured, murdered, and wronged.

It was unjust, it was deceived,

Misunderstood, misconceived.


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