Mirror on the Wall

As I stand before the mirror on the wall,

What do I see?

Not a pretty girl staring back at me.

No. I see someone who is too short, too fat, too ugly.

My flaws sticking out as bright as the sun.

Someone who will never get noticed in this world because

Society doesn’t ever acknowledge those who are ‘different’.


Her mind a mere soldier battling a horrid war against numbers,

And you call her “stupid”.

Yet you pick up no gun to stand with her on the front line.

Leave her there to get shot down by tanks of confusion.


The words that came out of your mouth say more about you

Than the lies you say about them.


“Pretty Boy”. “Wimpy”.

That ‘pretty boy’ is now ‘the world’s greatest living explorer’.

That ‘wimp’ cut of his left-hand fingertips

Because of frostbite.

Ran 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents

Only a few months after a double-bypass surgery.



The girl who tries so hard at sports and exercising,

But can’t be as thin as these “Barbie replicas”.

And you call her ‘fat’,

Yet have the nerve to ask her why she starves herself.



The girl who spends hours in the morning trying to look presentable

And you call her “ugly”,

Yet have the nerve to ask her why she cakes her face.


These labels people constantly make

Not realizing that hearts can break,

With each rumor and name calling,

Their eyes balling, each tear falling

Like water from a faucet.


But maybe we’ve been blind to reality.

See, these mirrors are to help you see yourself clearer.


So as I stand before the mirror on the wall once again.

What do I see?

I see me.

All my flaws sticking out as bright as the sun

But I also see the girl who has the most fun,

The girl who laughs about everything.

So while others are cruel and mean,

I stand there proud to be me

Because in the mirror that is who I see.


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