Sat, 10/19/2019 - 19:05 -- Narly

Look at yourself in the mirror today, tell yourself how beautiful you are, don't forget to smile because smiling is your medicine.
In the mirror, I see a beautiful melanin girl. I seem to fall in love with all her features; her hair texture, her skin tone, her beautiful lips and her long shiny legs.
In the mirror, I see sometimes that I am looking at just a girl. Most days she wears confidence on her sleeves. She listens most of the time and try to feel their vibe, because energy can tell you a lot about their character before a lesson is learned from them. From past experiences she learned that attachment leads to disappointments. She has this mindset that nothing is forever and you don't fight something that is worth letting go. The people she knew will just become memories. Maybe memories that's worth being faded away.
When I look in the mirror, I see a beautiful, and intelligent girl with the curiosity of what the future holds for her. Every now and then, she gets the feeling that she's going to be good. She wants to travel the world and get high off life. She sees that where she's at is not where she will be tomorrow. She feels that she is here to do incredible works on this earth, but she doesn't know what exactly. She understands that life is full of mysteries & everything will happen at the right timing. I see a girl that is going to be financially free, fearless,and outspoken. She is going to use her intellect to maneuver others and use her wisdom to guide others.
Next time around, when she looks in the mirror………….she wants to see HERSELF. When she looks in the mirror she wants to see through her eyes, this hidden beauty that lies underneath this skin she's wearing. She wants to connect with her SOUL. When she looks in the mirror she wants to feel ALIVE. When she looks in the mirror, she wants to SMILE, because there are going to be adventures that awaits her.

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