Sat, 01/14/2017 - 10:45 -- rcrego

The sun rose and shone on my face through the window

I threw myself out of bed and fixed my hair

I walked up to my mirror and realized that I wasn't looking at my own reflection

Her hair was a mess

Her clothes disheveled

She looked tired and wicked

In her eyes there looked to be something dark

She was smirking deviously at me

She reached throught the mirror and tried to tough me

Or was I reaching for her?

Her hand pulled back suddenly as her eyes showed shock

I stood up straight and brushed myself off

I slowly turned my back to the mirror

I watched over my shoulder to see the girl also turn around

I looked ahead of me and away from the mirror

I tured back around and saw that my actual reflection was staring back me

Neat hair

Clothes slightly wrinked from sleep

Awake and good

In her eyes there looked to be something light

She was smiling affirmingly at me

We both nodded and something totally new had begun

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