Mirage of a Mirror

In secret I'm not always as everyone see.
I lie to myself a lot.
"You're going to make it. Everything will be fine. It's no big deal. You're happy, remember? Oh it's nothing."

Like a mirage of mirrors
I hide my own feelings in between
An illusion to satisfy others 

A lot of people will glance and smile, but a few will inspect.
Some even scattered my mirror, while others glue it back up. 
My mirage is always very "preppy" or so that's what my aunt says.

But it strains me a lot
Keeping up with my mirrors
At times my mirage fades 
My mirror turns translucent

Finally I can be myself
People stare now
Like I'm the star of a show
But I can care less

As long as I have my friends and family
My mirage doesn't have to be put up
They see right through my mirage


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