Miracle Sperm


United States
39° 20' 3.4188" N, 76° 31' 53.3352" W

My perception, the same direction
A hefty blessing
I learned my lesson
Unplanned events and
A face that looks exactly like the miracle sperm created
Why make the perfect heart into a body that would eventually be played with
I would like to keep it concise
But my thoughts are no summary
And everyone who claim they're too good for this
They go and run from me
See, i always wanted to know where i got my rage from
I would have said from watching my parents, though there was no engagement
They played with me
As much as I lied to get some freedom
He produced me and I raced to the crazy eggs to meet 'em
I came out deeply rooted n was raised kind of confused
I was offered so many things that I regret to refuse
And I never re-use
Because that's abuse to the brain
Two people in one
But that's abuse to the name
I can be the top supplier
And bring the news to the game
I have wings from sipping 5% hard lemonade
Never beating the rain
Miracle sperm is what i am because I am nothing like the producer
Because when I was 10 and receiving toys I loved you
Now you're a looser
Correct me if i'm wrong
But there are no parental rights here
My life turned into a nightmare
But now I have my wife right here
Although I only had out right fear
Loose enough to get a buzz from light beer
I have all the time in the world until space reaches its final light year
I never can remain focused on one simple subject
I'm so disgusted
You got rejected
And you created a genius that was you nearly resurrected
But I perfected the perceptions and my thought shop fixed the stained "muffla"
Go and get your money up you fake "hustla"
I can only give you a hand clap for one thing
Listen and learn
Its nothing good about you except your first MIRACLE sperm.



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