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Times are hard,
Hearts are broke,
no one knows what lies ahead,
maybe a miracle.

Her hearts shattered and beaten,
It shows on her body,
No one believes it
Hes killing her.

She watches this go on,
Shes the only one that knows
As hes out there,
But he knows what grows

Maybe a miracle,
Maybe a sign,
A life from God
Or the wake up from Hell

Things go worst,
The threats get real.
Shes not safe anymore
Her wounds can't heal.

Her body's torn inside out
Nobody knows whats going to come out.
No one believes hes killing her
No one believes its from the inside out.

When they find out the truth,
They lash out,
They don't believe it's happened,
Like she's dammed from everyone.

He uses this to his advantage,
She wont leave now,
Shes carrying him in her.
There's nothing to do but cry.

The day comes.
She cries.
Holding on for her life,
Knowing her body's pushed,
Knowing nothings going to stop.

He comes in to see.
See what she held,
She knows why hes there,
And its not for good.

He leaves her by herself,
Knowing she can't hold on much longer,
She cant breathe right,
Barely breathing at all,
Shes stares at the ceiling.

She knows her wounds can heal,
She can breathe,
It was a tear she needed,
Maybe it was her miracle that saved her.


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