Minute of GIGGLES

So your smiley huh’ yes I'm the Joker and I heard and you're the new smiley, So I had to come and see it for myself. I could not believe it, I remember years ago when i just started in The crime game. when I used to run the East Coast that's when I first met you. were you just not starting starting in the game. I remember u wanted a coach.and you use to follow me everywhere. Now I remember, we called you Giggles' giggles Giggles and I'm guessing you must have been a very tough and good since you skipped ranks you skipped laughter. So to make it short im the joker and no one skips. So I guess I get the last laugh..hahaha" and you can keep your smile, because you'll need giggles. And I'll make sure i send you Giggles. when he's done here ok lovely joy. It was nice seen you again.
Yours truly. The happiest man
Mr. Funny man

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Our world


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