Wed, 04/02/2014 - 10:06 -- Tichina


Turn up , turn up! says the young girl with a bad mind, 
Does she not know that there's more greater things in life to find? 
Instead of partying and drinking every week end,
She could be building a bright future in delight she will spend.
If I could change anything I would change these young girls mindsets,
I want them to know the best things in life they can find it.
Instead of Twerking she could be working on her career,
But how can she focus with several guys in her ear? 
He's Talking real sweet just to get in between,
Baby girl your stronger than that , no good is what he means.
He will just hold you back then pass you up,
Then you'll be in the muck and mire just stuck.
You thought you were in love you thought it was real, 
But dumb is really how he made you feel.
You have to stand tall you can't give up ,
Your a blessed child don't think you have bad luck.
You can reach the pinnacle of success 
No goal is impractical just try your best . 
There is so many good things ahead,
Don't believe negativity someone has said. 
You are beautiful and bright as a star, 
You can be whatever you dream of, whoever you are.


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