Mind Over Matter


My eyes go red filling with anger

How can this be?

A person I gave my whole heart to betrays me so suddenly

He made my life green, giving me hope

He opened me up to a new life

My heart felt restored like it was brand new

But now my heart is rotting inside me

A yellow plaque has covered this heart

My mind wonders

            Where did I go wrong?

            Did I make a mistake?

            Did I do something hurtful?

But all these wrongs are not mine

Sense’s come to mind that I did no wrong

This boy had a black soul

He cared about himself, and himself was all

My anger had vanished, I was suddenly blue 

But who wouldn’t be when you feel foolish and used?

Faking a smile “loving life”

No one can tell that I was feeling white

But time heals all right?

And lessons are always learned

So it was time to vanish this black hole in mind

I remember I should be respected

I picture myself royal and purple like a queen who all desire

All the dark, gloom has left my body

These ugly colors have gone clear

Happy and joy is all I feel

Feeling relieved my mind has gone violet and clear


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