Mind Manipulator


When I tell people what I want to be, reactions vary.

Some of them are good while others are not.


"Oh, that's a respectable job, but how will you afford school?"

The career I want requires quite a bit of schooling.

I will work very hard for scholarships.

Maybe I'll even take time off of school for work.


"Oh, what? You want to mess with people's minds? Sick."

No. I don't want to mess with people's minds. 

I wish to give people the oppurtunity for help

If they have some sort of trouble.


"You're just gonna drug them up, huh."

I don't want to 'drug them up' the way you are thinking.

I wish to help people, and if they need medication then I will prescribe it.

I will not unneccesarily give people medication with no medical basis, that is criminal.


When I die, I will be able to die in peace,

To know that I could have saved someone's life.

To give a troubled mind some release,

Would be a wonderful feeling for me.


My dream career is a psychiatrist.

These things are statements people have said to me.

I will not let them influence me negatively.

I will become a psychiatrist.

I believe it to be destiny.


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