Mike Tyson's Punch-Out

I'm a prizefighter and my name is Little Mac.
When I fight my opponents, they end up on their backs.
I defeat all of my opponents even though they're twice as tall as me.
I have to jump when I punch their faces and I drive them to their knees.
It only took one punch to knock out Glass Joe.
When I fought Super Macho Man, I won by TKO.
I punched Bald Bull in the stomach when he began to charge.
He shook the whole ring when he fell because he's so large.
As I punched King Hippo in the stomach, his trunks kept falling down.
I only had to knock him down once to beat him, he couldn't last one round.
MR. Sandman was tough and he thought he could put me to sleep.
But I gave that moron such a beating that he started to weep.
When I fought Mike Tyson, I knocked him out and I whipped him before Buster Douglas did.
Tyson was so embarrassed because I was only seventeen years old, he was beaten by a kid.

(This poem is based on the popular 1987 video game.)


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