"The Midnight Plight: The Thoughts of an Insomniac"


And so I wonder
In the Mid of Night
Where is my savior
Where is my light?

If I were the rain, could I touch the hundreds of people I normally could not?
Could I calm the soul of one who is restless as I? 
If so, I’ll seek a truth not so commonly sought

If I were the rain,
Could I see who is pure and who is not by looking within myself to see if I was tarnished? 
But then I wonder: “Am I, myself, unvarnished?”

So here I wander in May Season 
To seek, to acquire, my new reason
And if, now I wonder, I were a cloud
Could I fly everywhere without a sound?
Could I let out my tears without looking weak?
Or will the strangers below judge me as meek?

I wonder, I wonder more and more
How would it be…if I bore
A striking resemblance to the moon
But imperfect as I am; wouldn’t my light be strewn?

So then I think: “If I were human”
How would I do then?
Would I take the pain from others like I know I would?
If someone spoke to hurt me
Would I react as I should?

Wonder and wander I’ll continue
As I sit here against the cool wall’s window
Watching as passerbys change or stay, 
I wonder two last thoughts before I lay:
“If I were time:
Could I heal my own wounds?”
Or, in essence would I be doomed?
Then, that last thought came to me:
“If I were time and time was me…
Could I forget my painful memories?”


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