The Midnight Jog

My heart rises and falls

As a tide on a moonlit beach

With each movement comes pain and also fulfillment

I feel the sweat drip, down my face on off my cheek


The pain, brings its own form of motivation

I breathe heavily, but tell myself not to give up

For a brief moment, the pain is gone

I can see things moving quickly around me

I am almost lost in a reality seen only by me


I pause the moment, and look around

At the beauty that others have forgotten

The beauty that comes in forms all its own

I think quietly about how many times, I myself have passed this world

Not stopping to look around, not caring what it holds


I drive on, and again I see the blurs of everyday life

My feet dancing to the beat of my heart

I round the corner, and my feet slow in anticipation


My body lurches to a halt and I've made it

Back to my world of pain, forgetting, and solitude

I thrust open the doors and take a seat

My legs tingle and my heart begins to slow


I am home


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