Middle Class Stuggle


I go to school

I do not complain

I do my work

and I make good grades

all of this work, for nothing it seems

for when I was young, I had one dream.

To go to college, without the stress

of worrying my parents, they did their best.

They made too much for financial aid,

but not enough to educate me, without help from a bank.

Why me? why must I have to pay?

because my parents went to school and did things the right way?

It breaks my heart and makes me mad to see,

someone who didn't try as hard go to college for free.

And what is the reason that it happened this way?

because football is a sport that I cannot play.

because someone else's family does not make as much

But is that an excuse if I busted my butt?

All these years of trying in school,

never would have thought that I was the fool

Who would've known? who would've thought that

a straight "A" student would pay for school out of pocket

And the reason that is, is because of her family's profit

If only I'd known or could have forseen this day,

I'd know from the start, that hard work doesnt pay


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