Mi Amor....No More


The sun shines bright, but thou smile shines brighter,                                                All becomes well, my worries begin to fade;                                                                We lie beneath the tree, laughing in the shade;                                                       With your love, lifes burdens become lighter;                                                            With your love, I promise to be your fighter,                                                               Together in bliss, with you I stayed.                                                                          But - time treads on, life is lived and due are paid.                                                  Now under this tree, with my apple cidar,                                                                 This magnificent drink I've known forever                                                                  You, I used to hold high with all your galore                                                              Now becomes tainted by a birds feather.                                                                       I love you - oh, I loved you, my dearest amor,                                                          You are just like this bird, and thought so clever                                                         But now I know the truth, you are just a whore!


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