Metropolitan Daily Submission

In New York City, you’ll find two kinds of people;
those who see something and say something,
and those who see something and assume nothing is wrong.
As I walked to the South Street Seaport one weekend last Summer,
I passed a woman sitting in a park, moaning very loudly.
With each step I took across the park, it got louder and louder.
I found it very odd and looked around to see how others were reacting, for I could not tell if she was another “crazed New Yorker” or if something was actually wrong with her.
Sooner than later, two women went up to her and got her immediate help by comforting her, giving her water and calling an ambulance.
There were plenty of people sitting around her, hearing her moans but no one did anything right away. Including myself.
With all of the things that occur in NYC, many people ignore real problems as a result of being accustomed to unusual things, what a city full of unexpected moments.


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