Fri, 06/07/2019 - 10:21 -- LWAHEED

The psychological feel of advancement

A portal to a new beginning

Using darkness to create and mold my light

Trying to make up for all the insecurities that threw me off track

Breaking free of the bondages that held me back

Feeling like all I’ve been through was hell sent

My insecurities, depression, hatred filled my heart

As the pressure built up I began to divide into different parts

Drowning in sorrow, always defeated by tomorrow

Being damaged and broken turned me angry, constricted and nonchalant

It was pure ice in my heart

I was hopeless and destroying myself

Putting others before me, placing my feelings last making them seem itty-bitty

But suffocating in my own self-pity

I had no control over myself nor my feelings

I was all over the place mentally, physically, and emotionally

Draining myself and filling up with fatigue

But never I seemed

To have the energy to succeed

My vibration was low

But I knew at some point that all this negativity had to go

It had to be turned into something else

Slowly my heart thawed out

My confidence got to maneuvering all about

The brokenness began to mend itself

Even during the times I felt no help

I put forth the effort to push myself

To be what I wanted, to feel

I began to let my walls down

Letting my instincts and intuition roam around

Taking a step back from the tough girl facade

Not letting my true self evade

Feeling lighter than before

Finding a balance between the mental, emotional and physical sides of me

Coming together as one could be

Letting go of the pain and stress

Laying all the old trauma to rest

Learning how to love myself

Thinking that at the end of the day, I need to be worried about my health

But sometimes I gravitate back to that mindset

To the times when I couldn’t understand

The cards that I’ve been dealt, the ones I hold in my hand

But I realize I can turn this around

Realize that I have to stand

Stand for the person I strive to be and became

And continue to aim

Growing confidence within my inner being

Staying focused on my purpose and meaning

Breaking away from my biggest critic

Realizing that I’m the only one blocking my destiny

Not fighting but trusting myself

Believing my inner self to guide me through what’s up ahead

Conquering it and laying it to bed

Holding myself together so when the good starts going bad I won’t fall apart

Learning to smile and embrace my life which is my art

To be better than ever

So well put together, so mended that I can’t even be broken


This has to be my token


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