Wake up. Put on a thick mask that veils your beautiful exterior.


A mask that vanishes any of the beautiful imperfections that make you inferior.


Change into something that makes you feel extraordinary.


Take it off and wear something that will make you fit in with the majority.


Show your marvelous personality. Then mask it with one that others will be sure to like.


Wonder why in this world it’s good to be alike.



Think of how it would be if you were to be you and not what they currently see.


You would be judged and hated while others cruelly celebrated.


Let the thought of reason go, put on a smile because you’ve become an excellent guile.


Why should we act as though we are a clone without personality, nearly a drone?


Unanimity is what makes you be liked and without that you would be ridiculed and disliked.



We live in constant fear of what others will think of what we do.


It's time that I start anew.


I don't need to try to be something I'm not to fit in and be top notch.


I don't want to be everyone's friend if who they like is how I pretend.


I'm letting go of the need to fit in and becoming someone who is proud being myself.


I'm getting rid of the awful mask and refusing to blend in like a needle in a hay stack.


I'm showing the world who I am and being the me I love again.



I dare to be intrepid.


I dare to stand out.


I dare to be what makes me happy.



And for that, I am flawless.




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