Message To My Ladies!


Lord, Please send me a man, Is what she says...

See she's all twisted up this crazy world thinking she needs to depend on a man, instead of being independent. 

She constantly questions her love for him, "Is it good enough because I love him with all my soul."
Your Soul? Girl you can not afford to give away your soul to a man who can not save you.

"But I even got his name tatted on my body because I love him so much."
You don't have to, tattoo a mans name on your body to prove your love him,
When the, ultimate savior proved his love by paying the prices for all our sins yet you spit on him with your lack of faith..... um what a disgrace.

She was raised, in a world where, women had to change their appearance to please a man. 

See, Ladies, God designed us each a certain way.. 
And sometimes the way your designed isn't fixed to be fit with a man you think your designed for.

And desperately searching for that man is not your job.

Man can't fill a hole in your heart, and man certainly can't replace loneliness with comfort. 

Its okay to be independent, Ain't nothing wrong with being by yourself, because As long as you have Jesus, you don't NEED anyone else.

Sings: Since I found Jesus, my whole life has changed. Since I found Jesus, my whole life has changed... Well he changed my walk, he changed my talk, my whole life has changed, yes my whole life has changed....


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