Message To My Bully

You tell me I’m worthless and that I’m a nothing, but I say the same things to myself without your prompting. You say I’m trash and not worth your breath, but still you stand berating me without rest. Does this bring joy? Are you happy at what you’ve done? Do you not realize all the damage you’ve done? I tell myself this when I am alone, so why must you continue my internal monologue? You break me down bit by bit just because I do not fit. I do not fit into your expectations of how I should act and how I should look, but I can not control what I am. I do not judge yet I am by you. Please tell me what did I ever do to you? Were you born this heartless or made so by time? Either way you have no right to destroy my life. I know I am worthless and not worth your time, you have told me this a thousand times. But I am stronger than you will ever be. No matter how much you try, you will never break me. My heart is golden and meant to last. I know that your torment will one day pass. So till that day comes around, I will smile as you continue trying to break me down. 

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My community
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