A Message To My Black Daughters

Thu, 01/30/2014 - 21:22 -- lcolvin


                                                 Yeah child I been keeping an eye on you

First it was Keith, then it was Jerome, and now Tyrone

Nowadays you say you don’t you won’t no scrub in your life

Cause your dream is to be the next big basketball wife

So this is why nobody’s jumping the broom

42% of yall ain’t married but letting these dudes in and out your room

Back in my day, when Massa gave us permission, broomstick unions were

sacred, honorable, and the foundation of the Black family.


This is why we have fallen—


Cause these men got you so weak in the knees

Every touch, Every hug, Every kiss you let them sweep you off your feet

It’s something about that love, letting it come inside

Staining your carpets, tracking dirt and mud in and out your house


Yeah I wondered where the broom went

But I see it now. I’m looking at it.

Yeah he’s holding you, holding so tight ,

 sweeping you back and forth, back and forth from left to right

And you wonder why he treat you like trash

Checking you off like you some kind of chore

On to the next, On on to the next task

I am you. You are me.

But this reflection I see is not my true Identity




True, and insperational. Amazingly witten


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