a message to my abuser

Sat, 10/09/2021 - 23:37 -- unknow3

Hear are roar 

See me soar 

Im not that little girl anymore 

Im a grown women postwar 


Im will not be silenced anymore 

I made a swore 

To that little girl 

That no-one will touch me anymore 


I wish I could make you hurt 

I hope you feel like dirt 

For those things you did 

When I was just a kid 


I hope you know im better now 

Mt ducks are finally in a row 

Im learning to love myself 

And become my true self 

I working through my past 

I was so harassed 


You’re a pig 

One day I will dig 

Your grave 

And give you a wave 


Because of you I only see darkness in my past 

Because of you my happiness never last 

Because of you I have ptsd 

Because of you I hate myself 


Because of you im stronger 

Because of you im brave 

Because of you im resilient 

I guess I should say thank you 

I wouldn't be me without you 


And now I love me 

To the full degree 



Greatly articulated,with a consistent movement,unknown3. X

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