A Message to Black Women


A Letter to you my black women,

Do not let your curves define you. 

Your thick lips, circular behind

curved hips, kinky hair

be your primary worth.


Realize you are not only your astounding exterior

but the history of your people.


Demonstrated in your skin tone

the richness of your story, pours out of your pores

you are a fighter my dear,

not only the glue but the cornerstone.


Stand up tall.


Those hips and that ass is not the beginning or the end of your identity.

Don't let him tell you it is.


Your very cells are lined with the very material of greatness.

Like gold running through your veins,

you supersede expectations,

Gods personal angel

my beautiful queen,

act like it.


Embrace your hair,

embrace your curves

and most of all

walk in your birthright.





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