An army I see standing before you

Won't you let it be so we won't go blue

Me alone in the field, head high and no shield

for give me, but I won't bow down or kneel

Lets open our eyes and see what we've done

We have fought each other hundreds of tons


Seeking a super satifying move to do

Only do things that make your peasants sat "cool foo"

I send my messengers to you but what a shame

It seems like this is turning into a dull game


Don't need an army to cover my fear

My canser doesn't spread so I'm not near

No near to be like you because I know I am better than that

I laugh at this lame game because I know I'm not a brat




I will not go on because I'm no blabber

I'm no talker because I know I'm a walker


So my long poem ends here...making sure my message is clear!


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